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TCS NQT - your passport to a million dreams

Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses for the past 50 years. TCS NQT Hiring Process 2024 For Freshers is given here on this page. TCS NQT stands for TCS national Qualifier Test. TCS NQT has recently updated it’s pattern

TCS NQT Hiring Process 2024

  1. Online Written Test

  2. Technical Interview

  3. HR Interview


Why join this course

200+ Hours

Specific Live & Recorded classes


Doubts Clearing

300+ Hours

Aptitude and Coding


Test Series


What content is included in this course

TCS NQT (ITP) specific training including all sections of the Foundation Section and Advanced section imparted by extensive Analysis and Research of previous year questions and patterns by our experts

Complete Cognitive (Numerical Ability, Logical Ability and Verbal Ability) skill training covering all the important topics from Numerical, Verbal and Reasoning ability. This Cognitive (Aptitude) training is useful for various companies as well. Assess your cognitive skills with Topic Wise Aptitude Preparation Test Series (Topics wise 47 tests) and a Full-length mock test series (10 Mock tests)

If you don't know the basics of programming then the foundation training for programming and DSA will help you out. This module consists of pre-recorded courses for C programming(20+ hours), JAVA programming (20+ hours), C++ Programming (20+ hours), Python Programming (20+ hours), DSA in C++(20+ hours), DSA in C (20+ hours), DSA in Java (20+ hours), DSA in Python (20+ Hours), DBMS(20+ hours). A separate Certificate will be provided for each of these courses when you complete any of these courses

The Technical Interview, Personal Interview, and resume preparation module cover training on Frequently asked questions of Technical Interview Training for major MNCs and mass recruiters. It also consists of a detailed discussion on How to answer frequently asked Personal Interview questions and how to prepare those answers effectively. It also consists of in-detailed information to create a resume with appropriate content and design.

Practice actual TCS specific Questions in TCS NQT (ITP) Mock Test Series(10 Mock tests)

A Virtual Mock Technical Interview by Industry Experts will help you to the core in excelling your technical interview skills before your actual Placement Interview. A Mock Technical can help you understand your strong and weak technical & interpersonal areas which you can improve before your actual campus interview.

Join TCS Complete Placement Preparation Masterclass at just Rs.9999/-

  • 60+ Hours of LIVE TCS Specific Training

  • 600+ Hours of Additional Self Paced TCS Specific Training

  • TCS Specific Mock Tests

  • Personal Mentorship Support

  • Unlimited One-to-One Mock Interviews

Join  TCS NQT Cracker Course
at just Rs.1999/-

  • 200+ Hours of Additional Self Paced TCS Specific Training

  • TCS Specific Mock Tests

  • Doubt Clearing and Mentorship Support

  • Useful for TCS (Ninja, Digital and Prime Role Preparation )


What we provide you

Complete TCS-NQT(ITP) Package

A complete preparation package focused on TCS-NQT(Updated pattern). his package includes the foundation training for Aptitude, Programming languges and DSA from basics.

Structured Preparation Plan

A structured preparation plan will guide you through your TCS-NQT(ITP) preparation to make you placement ready.

Best Success Ratio

Thousands of students have been placed in TCS using our preparation material. 

Fully Stacked Test series

5 Full-Length TCS-NQT(ITP) Specific  Mock Test series with a Variety of Questions from previous year papers

Video solutions for every Test

Complete Guidance with Video solutions for all questions covered in General, Topic-wise, company-specific, and Mock test series.

Mentorship/Doubt solving

We stand behind our training and service, and we want you to achieve your target with complete Doubt clarification and mentor support throughout the preparation.


We Know the Best Things For You

Success Stories

Placed in Tata Consultancy Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This Masterclass for TCS is more than enough to get placed in TCS. It covers all aspects of preparation right from online tests comprising of numerical ability, logical ability, verbal ability, Programming concept MCQs, and Coding and also covers technical and personal interview preparation along with mock interviews before actual interviews. Thousands of Students have got placed with TCS Digital and Ninja roles using this course.

This TCS NQT masterclass is a LIVE + Recorded Training course.

Yes, absolutely! Just make sure you follow the preparation plan we provide and give 100% effort, you will surely get placed. If you don't know the basics, don't worry. This masterclass includes foundation training for aptitude(cognitive skills) including numerical,logical and verbal ability along with technical foundation training of C, C++, Java, Python and DSA.

CS students with less programming knowledge don't need to worry as we are covering all the topics and concepts from Basics.

Yes, this masterclass includes 5 TCS-NQT Tests and 3 TCS-Digital Mock Tests along with video solutions for every question in the test.

Yes, after completion of all the technical courses ( C, C++, Java, Python, Database, Data structure), the certificate will be provided to you. you can mention that certificate in your resume as well as on Linkedin.

Yes, you will face one technical mock interview from industry experts.

Yes, a preparation plan will help you to achieve your goal in a systematic way.

  • Live TCS specific training(70+ hours)
  • Live Technical Mock Interview (1-2 Hours)
  • Recorded Technical courses for C, C++, Java, Python, Database and data structure (200 hours)
  • Recorded TCS Specific Lectures (100+ hours)
  • Recorded Aptitude Lectures (60+ hours)

Yes, all the previously asked questions are covered during training and test series.

As the same explains, the Major difference is that TCS-NQT Masterclass with Mock Interview includes a Mock Interview feature with which you can schedule a LIVE mock interview with an Industry expert.
This feature is not included in TCS-NQT Masterclass without Mock Interview. Rest course content is the same for both packages.

  • NQT (Cognitive skills)
  • Subject NQT - IT Programming


  • Attitudinal Alignment NQT
  • Industry NQT - IT programming

Recommended Add-on-variant

You can prepare for TCS NQT using TCS Specific Masterclass by Talent Battle!

Get the detailed syllabus and pattern of the TCS NQT Exam .

TCS-NQT by TCS-iON Platform has various NQT variants on their website. But, if you want to get placed in TCS and looking for a developer role in TCS, then below are the two mandatory variants that you need to prepare for:

1. NQT Cognitive Skills
2. Subject NQT (IT-Programming)

NQT Variant

Test Section

Duration (in minutes)

No of Questions 

NQT Cognitive Skills

Verbal Ability



NQT Cognitive Skills

Reasoning Ability



NQT Cognitive Skills

Numerical Ability



Subject NQT (IT-Programming)

Programming Logic  



Subject NQT (IT-Programming)








TCS NQT Eligibility Criteria: 2023 Batch might change and will be updated once official information is announced by TCS.


An applicant must have a minimum 60% or 6 CGPA throughout academics and an aggregate of 60% or 6.00 CGPA in the highest qualification till the semester for which results have been declared.


The applicant must not have more than 1 active backlog/arrear/ATKT while appearing for the TCS Selection process.

If selected, the student while joining TCS must have cleared all pending backlogs/arrears/ATKT within the course duration as stipulated by the University failing which joining will not be permitted.


It is mandatory to declare academic gaps. The overall break should not exceed 24 months. Any exceptions are permissible only for valid reasons subject to a satisfactory check of the relevant document(s) at the time of test/interview/onboarding

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