Redefining India’s campus placement standards with the help of GetWork’s very own SuperApp. We make your placement operations seamless while also administering the complete placement space so as the placement management seems effortless.


A series of automation is followed before we deliver what is promised. Following GetWork's set of rules to automate has proven to level up the placement standards. Our very capable and equipped team makes sure that we deliver what is promised.


We have an E-Job Notification form and E-Registration Form for better connectivity between the employer and the college’s placement cell, eventually creating better placement opportunities.


Our team of very experienced personnel makes sure that a student’s profile stands out, making their profile’s earning capacity shoot up to the level desired.

Cost Efficient

We have different pricing plans which vary according to the number of students in your college. Also, our work is highly automated, thanks to our SuperApp, this makes our costs minimal.

Placement Data Management.
Visualizing the data Reports for best output.
User Profile enhancement and management.
Campus Feed feature, providing daily event updates.

Integrated Data Management

Manage the entire student and company database at one stop. Interconnect placement cycle with Students, Jobs & Placement team. Get your real-time automated reports 24*7 at your dashboard.

Connect with Recruiters through Customized e-JNF

Create and customize e-job notification forms and send hassle-free invitations to the companies. Eliminate 80% of your effort via customization and be authentic and quick in the process.

Track and Share Job flow

A Real-Time Job Tracking system with an Interview planner. Track the applied job status, progress in real-time, and share it with the company, students and non-platform users with customized access.

Personalised Chat Room and Campus Feed!

Improving connectivity by posting event updates on the campus feed. Create customized personal chat groups, enhancing connectivity between the placement team and the students.

Access to GetWork Drive

A forever easy to carry digital handy to access student's official and educational records integrated with OneApp.

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