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  • Once a job is posted, our AI finds the best candidates for you from a pool of 1.9Mn+ eligible freshers.

  • Our in-house hiring team is readily available to help and guide you through the hiring process.


  • GetWork provides its hiring partners with a customized dashboard for the posted jobs.

  • Automated dashboards also enable your hiring team to tag and communicate various candidates at different stages of the hiring process seamlessly.

  • GW-Insights, an exclusive GetWork feature helps recruiters understand and analyze candidates with ease and accuracy.


  • We make the recruitment process 100% virtual for you. Eliminating unwanted investment in travel and accommodation.

  • We save hundreds of man-hours for you by automating your hiring process, like you have never imagined.

  • We have made it possible for you to reach out to 1.9Mn+ freshers, 18,000+ colleges or universities across the nation in less than 5 mins.

The 3-step talent hiring process

Signing up on GetWork takes less than 5 mins to create an account and post your job opening but can save a lot of man hours once registered.

    Fill in the job details and post it to start receiving candidates from over 18K colleges whose skills have high relevance with the job needs.

      • Get a customized HR management dashboard

      • Complete your hiring in 30 days or get full refund

      • Supported by skill based talent mapping powered by AI

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