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Headstrt is the First Social Network for Insights platform that fosters mentorship opportunities. If you have a question on dating, college or career – you can find insights on this mobile application. The idea is to connect mentees to mentors who can provide valuable and content rich insights. This facilitates a healthy environment and a platform for with knowledge to spread their wisdom and tricks.

During the Lockdown, Headstrt’s company concept would prove to work very well among individuals looking for guidance on their new lifestyles. Hence they were looking to hire even when several startups and companies were not. The problem for Headstrt was sourcing quality candidates.

GetWork Saves the Day!

After connecting with GetWork, Headstrt was able to highlight their candidate requirements for their work from home, Data Science Internship position. They were looking to hire one skilled candidate as fast as possible.

Their team is fast, reliable and easy to work with.

Headstrt on Experience with GetWork

So GetWork connected Headstrt to Manipal ProLearn (MPL). Manipal ProLearn is a division of Manipal Global Education Service (MaGE), Bangalore – a recognized institution name in India. MPL provides industry-relevant courses and certification for its users in a variety of domains. Coincidentally, they were also eager to find opportunities for their certified users.

We see GetWork as a win-win for companies & candidates.

Headstrt on Experience with GetWork

This made them a right fit. And after 20 applications, 3 hiring rounds and 7 days later, Headstrt found the perfect candidate! Moreover, MPL were incredibly happy with the result as their student was placed with a 4.2 LPA for a work from home internship.

A Win-Win for All

This was a success not just for Headstrt and MPL, but also for GetWork. Several colleges were forced to cancel the placement season due to the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Companies revoked existing offers as well, leaving several qualified students without a secure future.

We appreciate multiple aspects of [GetWork’s] service model. Speed, Quality of candidates relative to other internship platforms in India, [and] reliability of their support definitely makes them a valuable provider to have for the niche they operate in.

Headstrt on GetWork Hiring Process

The ability for GetWork to provide fast and efficient hiring process amidst the chaotic and stressful lockdown procedures is game changing. For the next several months, the way our businesses and recruitment operates will be altered severely. Adapting to our new circumstances is the only way forward.

When asked regarding the changing recruitment industry and their future partnership with GetWork, this is what Headstrt had to say:

It seems the Indian Internship market is undergoing a transformative change with better alignment between industry and interns/fresh recruits now. We look forward to seeing more ‘Product Centered’ innovations ‘[that] they can bring to the fresh graduate recruitment market. We look forward to continuing to partner with them for fresh recruits in India

Headstrt on Future with GetWork

The GetWork team has tirelessly put in hours during the last 6 weeks to improve their product and services to enhance the experience for candidates and companies alike. The product will assist colleges and institutes like MPL or MaGE who are looking for placement opportunities for their graduating students.

Over the last couple weeks, GetWork has helped over 4 Companies connect with 4 Educational institutions. 6 students were successfully placed, with over 10 more open jobs currently in process.

During the Lockdown, GetWork also began a COVID-19 initiative dedicated to helping job seekers connect with employers actively hiring. If you are looking to join the initiative you can do so by visiting

If your College is looking for placements for your students, or if you’re a company looking to hire. Please contact-us today and sign up at

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