Top 20 Digital Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

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By Anand Pancholi

27 July 2021







Digital marketing is one of those industries that has seen a boom in the past 5 years. Every organization is going online and they want to make a place on the internet. To make this happen they hire digital marketing experts. The main job of these experts is to enhance the SEO for the website. When HRs select a candidate’s profile for the interview, they ask some questions related to this field. With these questions, They check the knowledge and skills of the candidate. Here are 20 digital marketing interview questions and answers for you. Prepare these questions to land the perfect job for you.


1. What is Digital Marketing & why is it different from Traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing is a technique to enhance the visibility of an organization over the internet.  It includes various techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to make the company stand out on the internet.

It is different from Traditional Marketing because:

·        It is cost-efficient

·        It has a better reach to the audience

·        With Digital Marketing analysis and tracking of leads is easier.

·        With Digital Marketing, we can define the target audience easily.

·        Interaction with customers is easier with Digital Marketing.

2. Categorize Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is categorized into 2 parts:

1.      Inbound Digital Marketing

2.      Outbound Digital Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing is used to target users over Social Media, E-Books, Newsletters, and webinars. It is used to increase the number of clicks or impressions for the company or its service.

Outbound Digital Marketing

This technique is to reach out to the potential customers of a company with the help of cold calls, emails, and ad campaigns.

3. What are the aspects of Digital Marketing?

There are various types of Digital Marketing Campaigns, But these 6 types of campaigns are most common:

1.      Search Engine Optimization

2.      Search Engine Marketing

3.      Social Media Marketing

4.      Email Marketing

5.      Content-Driven Marketing

6.      E-Commerce Marketing

4. What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO is a technique that is used to enhance the structure and content of the website. It is used to improve the ranking of the website in Google Search Index. It is the practice of generating traffic organic and natural search results.

5. What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is a term in Digital Marketing that is used by Internet users to perform a search in a search engine. Keywords are very crucial in SEO, the ranking of a website depends on the use of keywords.

6. What are the types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Engine Optimization is divided into three types-

1: White Hat SEO

2: Black Hat SEO

3: Grey hat SEO


White Hat Optimization

White Hat Optimization is used to increase the traffic of a website other than human aspects. The white Hat technique includes the use of Keywords, Meta information like Meta Tag, Meta Title, Meta Description, Research, and analysis to be more relevant.

Black Hat Optimization

A black Hat SEO technique is for seo search engine optimization. This technique includes Back linking, Keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden links, and content spamming. This technique is considered unethical and may lead to Website banning.

Grey Hat Optimization

Grey Hat optimization is a combination of both White and Black Hat Techniques. It uses Black Hat Techniques in such a way that they are not unethical.

7. Describe On-page and Off-Page Optimization?

On-page Optimization –

It is used to increase the traffic on a dedicated website. The major components of this optimization are the Title of the webpage, Meta Information like- Meta Tag, Meta Description, URL structure, ALT information, and High-Quality Content.

Off-Page Optimization

The off-Page optimization technique is majorly used to maintain the reputation of the website In search engines. It uses backlinks to bring traffic. The main components are- Connection with Social Media, Promotion of the content via various mediums, and Guest Blogging.

8. Define PPC and its use?

The full form of PPC is Pay per Click. It is also known as Cost per click. It is a technique used to draw traffic using various mediums. In this technique, the publisher gets an amount from the advertiser when the user clicks on the ad.

9. Explain Google Ads?

Google Ads is popular for PPC advertising. This platform enables the user to create and post advertisements on Google Search Engine. It is the most famous PPC system to help marketers reach their target customers easily. The main focus of this service is on the Keyword of the ads.

10. What Do You know about Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is part of Digital Marketing where Emails are sent to target leads and customers. It is the most effective marketing strategy to convert leads into buyers and buyers into loyal customers.

11. Define AMP in digital marketing?

The full form for AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source HTML framework, and it is used to create a faster mobile page for a website. AMP was created by Google to enhance the web experience. When a page is AMP optimized, google gives preference to it and improves its indexing. Various platforms and web browsers now support AMP.

12. What are the 4 Cs of Digital Marketing?

The 4 Cs in Digital Marketing Dictionary are:

1.      Customer- Know who is your Target audience and customer

2.      Content- The message that the marketer wants to send

3.      Context- Why the customer needs to see know about the service

4.      Conversation- How the visitor becomes the customer.

13. How is Google Ads different from Google AdSense?

Google Ads and Google AdSense, both are part of the Google Advertising network. While Google Ads enables advertisers to post ads in Google Search Engine and other mediums, Google AdSense gives space to Publishers so that they can add advertisement posts on these blogs.

14. Differentiate Brand and Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Branding and Marketing, both are important for making an identity in this world. The difference between Branding and Marketing is:


With branding, customers are made aware of why the company exists. Branding promotes loyalty, history, and future commitments to the customers. Companies use their Logo, Tagline, and Colors to connect with consumers.


Marketing is the process to make consumers aware of the products and services that a company is offering. Every message to customers from the company comes under the Marketing Strategy. Marketing Strategies are made to interact with customers using emails, posters, and social media activity.


15. SEO or PPC: Which is better for Digital Marketing?

Both techniques are important for Digital Marketing. While PPC is a paid technique to post ads and then bring traffic to the search engine, SEO uses Organic methods like Keywords to bring organic traffic that increases the Index Ranking.

16. What Tools are important for Digital Marketing?

1: Google Analytics- This tool is used to track and analyze a website. It is the most popular analytical tool.


2: Sprout Social- This tool is used to manage and engage social media platforms. This tool offers multiple social media account handling.


3: Mailchimp- With the help of this tool digital marketing learners can become the master of Email marketing. This is the most popular email marketing tool that uses the simplistic approach.


4: Google Keyword Planner- This tool is used to search and create a keyword for blog content. Keyword planner can filter Low, Medium, and High rates of Keywords.


5:  Open Site Explorer- This tool is popular for researching backlinks and finding link-building opportunities.


17. Explain Content Marketing in your words?

Content Marketing is a marketing technique used to create and share important content. The main motive of this campaign is to attract customers to the website and increase traffic. It is a long-term strategy that uses high-quality and relevant information. With this strategy, brand awareness is achieved and it can help in increasing the index ranking of a website.

18. What areas of a webpage are optimized with the use of Keywords?

Keywords are used in these specific parts of a webpage:

1-    The URL of a webpage

2-     The Title Tag, which is the first thing shown after a search on a search engine.

3-    Meta Description: The content, which is shown below the Title Tag.

4-    H1 Heading- The title of a page

5-    Alt text- The text that is used to define an image on a page

6-    Main Content- Keywords are used to make a page/ blog SEO-friendly.

18. What is the Long Trail Keyword?

Long Trail Keyword is a phrase that has 4 or more than 4 words in it. The Long Trail Keywords are made to make a search more clear and specific. The Long trail keywords have low search traffic, but they can improve the ranking of a website.

19. What is KPI, and why do you need them?

KPI stands for Key performance Indicators. The KPIs are used to track and measure the success of a social media campaign. KPIs help in planning a social media campaign. Top KPIs for a social Media Campaign are:

1: Like

2: Share

3: Comments

4: Engagements

5: Conversations

6: Leads

7: Reach

8: Active Followers

20. What is the difference between a Session and a Page View?


A session is a single time visit to a webpage. How much time a user is staying, what section of the page the user is staying is tracked in a session. A session could be an hour-long, or it can last a few seconds. If a user leaves the site and comes later it will be counted as a new session




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