Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL Tech hiring close to 1 lakh freshers this year 2021

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By Vikas Verma

27 July 2021







In 2021 India's Top "IT" professionals & fresh graduates are now offering generous salary hikes, attractive bonuses, and hiring overeating as digitization across. The corporate sector is also stoked for the huge demand for IT services.

According to GetWork, India' has the largest IT majors Infosys, TCS & Wipro with 45% more numerous employees in FY21, and if we compare this in the previous year for increasing demand in software services as more for digitizing operations.

The Wipro, Infosys, TCS & The HCL tech hiring around 1 lakh freshers in 2021 to emerging demand out of the sturdy deal pipelines.

The TCS is one of the best largest and the Valuable IT companies in the world and its hiring over 40,000 freshers in FY22 with, and taking over 5 lakh headcount. HCL & Infosys said that they are hiring 26,000 & 12,000.

Wipro did not reveal any specific numbers on that, The Chief Human Resources Officer, Saurabh Govil said, " The firm is going to hire more freshers in FY22 as compared to the previous year. in FY21 year, the company closed with 9,000 freshers onboard. The firms are going to hire more experienced professionals over the year.

Deal momentum and Deals

The "CEO" of Wipro Thierry Delaporte said that Throughout the earnings on 15 April, The sector witnessed a new Wave in business momentum. This momentum is pushed by the increased focus on digital, and enterprising investing in such new technologies which accelerate their digital transformation.

As result, it increases large deals, which become the order of the day. Executives expect to continue. in the past year, Wipro signed 12 large deals with a total contract value of 1.4 billion dollars.

In the last financial year, TCS get deals worth 9.2 billion & a total of over 31.5 billion dollars. its peer Infosys won over $14 billion in total, with 60% in the net deals. The HCL tech is yet to announce their FY21 & 4th quarter results.

Hiring in big Numbers

Rising attrition, Wage inflation

The IT sector is now bracing for the attrition rates & wage inflation, with the numbers of jobs up for clutches.

Industry experts GetWork previously spoke to, The wage inflation is facing an issue with the industry employees to commanding over 20-40% more than they saw in 2019.

The "CFO" "TCS" V Ramakrishnan reported an All-time low Attrition of 7.2%. and the expected number to go up.

The "COO" UB Pravin Rao said that the 15% attrition, and continue for the next quarters. Govil said this year Wipro expects high or the FY2.

Attrition Rate Next Quarter



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