How to Be a Gold Medalist in Job Search

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By Pooja Joshi

09 February 2022







Job hunting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Job seeking is like practicing for the Olympics; it takes time, patience, and sweat. But your diligence and dedication will certainly pay off.

Your Game for A Gold Medal is Here:


1) Update your Resume

Athletes constantly improve their physique, fitness, and stamina-overall personality. Likewise, a resume is a candidate's overall personality.

Your resume is an opportunity to convey an engaging story about your accomplishments and success.

Make a list of all the fantastic things you've done in college. Along with ensuring your resume is accurate and grammatical error-free. 

Stand out your resume with GetWork's OneApp Resume Builder:


2) Evaluate your online presence

Cristiano Ronaldo is quite active on social media and has upped his sponsorship appeal. That means being active on social media may help you grab the attention of your ideal employer.

Why is it vital?

Employers are looking online. You can miss out on an opportunity if you don't clean up your online image.

Would a company hire you if your LinkedIn profile photo was from a crazy night in Goa?

The answer is No.

What to do?


3) Plan a Networking Strategy

So, if Neeraj Chopra, the Tokyo Olympics Gold medalist, can fit in six hours of training every day, so can you.

While most of us would want to avoid it, networking is usually your best resource. If you're looking for a new job, call your contacts to let them know about your search, request introductions, and ask for recommendations.

Make new connections and expand your network by using GetWork's OneApp Personalized Chat Rooms and connecting with friends and industry persons.


4) Create a schedule

Athletes follow a solid routine. Then why not you?

Making time to look for a new job may be difficult, but sticking to a schedule will greatly simplify your job-seeking. Job hunting is a number game; the more applications you make, the more interviews you get. Apply for five to ten positions per week, and send applications early in the day, when recruiters and hiring managers are most likely to check their email.


5) Organize your job search with GetWork's OneApp

Identifying your most useful job search resources will help you find new opportunities. Job boards, company career pages, and career guidance websites are good to start. It's challenging to keep track of all your applications and follow-ups.

So, many platforms but OneApp for Many!

How OneApp organizes your job hunt:

• Impress your recruiter with GetWork's Personalized Calendar

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so be ready whenever a recruiter reaches you. To impress your recruiter, be flexible and cooperative when scheduling phone or in-person interviews, and thank them for their help.

Manage an interview, assignments, and discussions with a planner and a customizable calendar.

• OneApp Interview Prep with 360 Feed

Knowing your organization and the position you're interviewing for can give you confidence and impress your prospective manager - but don't stop there!

Prepare a list of exciting, engaging questions to ask your interview panel, and choose an interview costume that suits the dress code of your prospective employer's office.

How do you?

The 360 Feed related to campus and industry is available on your dashboard and be job-ready.

• Get Help from Mentors

Mentorship from an industry expert is a great way to gain an advantage in interviews, job hunting, and personal growth. Going the extra mile in crafting and learning could mean the difference between silver and gold.


Usain Bolt is the world's fastest man, and even he does not slow down as he nears the finish line. Therefore, you should not as well. When you are confident that you have done everything possible to win, you are certain to succeed. 

Maintain an optimistic attitude and keep up the good job!




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