Four reasons why you should take up that part-time gig

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By Mash Juzar

27 July 2021







During university and college life, you will be given plenty of advice to take on freelancing work or internships. Listen to these people! They are onto something! These opportunities are a great way for you to gain some side money to indulge during your college life.


Of course, other than just the money, there are several reasons why you should be signing up for internships and freelance work. We’ve highlighted a few of these reasons below.

1: sKillin’ it

By taking up these opportunities you will expose yourself to a vast variety of adaptability skills and knowledge. You can build on your soft skills and qualities, and apply the hard skill you are currently learning during your undergrad education. These part-time gigs will help you build on specific soft skills such as communication and teamwork which are the top two skills that 80% of employees look for when recruiting. At university we are taught a lot of things in the classroom, but we are rarely taught how to exactly apply ourselves. These gigs and internships will give you the real life taste of what it’s like to actually make sense of what you’re learning. All that confusion in the classroom will be turned into action during your internships.


This added experience will also boost your understanding during your future lectures. Starting a part-time gig does not mean you should start bunking your next lectures. There’s always something new to learn.

2: Climb up the Ladder

When you take part in these projects, part-time jobs and internships you will gain a multitude of experience. YES, these part time gigs, even though short, do count as experience. You can now build up your resume with these amazing projects.


The biggest myth about things related to ‘experience’ and ‘jobs’ is that employers are looking for long term experiences. This is true is you’ve been working for a couple of years, however if you are just a fresher, straight out of college employers who ask for experience are looking to see all the ways you’ve applied yourself during your degree.


You can now wow your future employers with your added skills and experience and stand out amongst your peers. Good grades are great, but experience goes a long way. Climb up the career ladder faster by taking on the next internship opportunity.

3: Networks

Something that a lot of college students take for granted is the power of student network. A lot of students will complain when they see their peers snatch up a job with the best salary package, and say that it is because of ‘nepotism’ or connections. This isn’t always true. Some individuals learn early on in their life that networking goes a long way.


When you cultivate your skills at a part-time gig you are also cultivating your relationships with your colleagues. These individuals can vouch for your talents and are willing to recommend or refer you as permanent employees at their current or previous places of work.

4: Innovate

Lastly, getting exposure to these work experience will spark the innovation inside you. Whether you go down the Intrapreneurship or Entrepreneurship route is up to you. Intrapreneurship is the practice of creating innovative products and services within a pre-established organization.


Gaining experience will work your creative neuronal processes to help you think outside of the box. Employers like to see candidates who are able to problem and solve and think of new ways to solve mundane problems that come up within all organizations.

Are you convinced to take up a new experience?

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