Finding Remote Internship: What Do You Need to Do?

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By Pooja Joshi

04 March 2022







Today, landing an online WFH internship is every bit as difficult as landing a job. There is increased competition and fewer internship openings for students and freshers, which makes finding internships difficult for recent grads.

Having relevant skills and education can be lifesaving in these times. But is that enough to land a dream internship?

Nowadays, online or remote internships are essential. Working from home is ideal for obtaining work experience while studying during a pandemic.

Students are aware that qualifications and talents alone aren't enough to compete. Internships allow them to assess their strengths and interests before entering the real world.

Remote internships allow students to work from home without compromising their studies or other obligations.

These opportunities allow you to gain real-world experience while using your academic knowledge. Not to mention, experience gained can be a consideration in future job searches.

How to land a remote internship?

1) Search appropriate internship platforms like GetWork

Remote internships are now a click away. All you need to do is look. Various internship opportunities are available for college students. GetWork's OneApp includes summer internships, remote internships, paid and unpaid internships.

GetWork allows you to create a profile, search for opportunities that interest you, and email your resume and other applications all in one location. 

2) Adapt your CV for each job application

A typical error people make when applying for internships and jobs is sending out the same résumé to all of them.

Your chances of getting a job decrease if your resume doesn't fit the job description for any of the positions, you're applying for.

So, make sure that your CV is tailored to the job description and includes relevant skills and experience.

3) Create a portfolio

You may not have much work experience as a college student, but your work can speak for itself. A portfolio can help here. It compiles all your samples, documents, and achievements.

A portfolio can display your talent and breadth while providing a professional touch to your application.

A portfolio is a great way to show off your skills in various artistic domains, such as photography, design, content writing, painting, illustration, and so on.

4) Upskill Yourself

The capacity to spot market trends separates smart workers from hard workers. Everyone knows that upskilling is important for growth, yet few can obtain relevant skills.

So, first things first, do your homework and find out what abilities are in demand. You can do this by following pioneers in your field or simply by reading up on new advancements.

And don't worry about learning styles. Online education is now available on a laptop or even a mobile phone. So, why not leverage GetWork Club for upskilling?

5) Build Your Network and Find Right Opportunity

Make a list of all your personal and professional connections and contact each one at a time. It could be a family member in a high-ranking job, such as a cousin or uncle. Let people know you're seeking work, and you never know who you'll meet along the way.

Consider asking your lecturers for advice and pursuing an internship in your chosen field.

Joining online networking communities to expand your network and meet pioneers who can assist you in your growth is another option.

So, don't waste any time and start reaching out to individuals right now to begin building your network in preparation for your internship search.


Ultimately, all that counts is that you get off to a good start!

People seeking profitable employment prospects should look into online internships because they will provide valuable work experience and a much-needed boost in their professional development.

We hope these simple procedures will help you locate the perfect internship quickly and easily.

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