Digital Marketing Tips For Beginners

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By Mash Juzar

28 July 2021







Digital Marketing is in big demand for all companies today. If you want to become a digital marketer, there are set of skills that you need to have and tools that you need to be familiar with in order to be successful at your job.

This blog post has everything you need to GET STARTED as a digital marketer. It will also give you additional guidance and tips on how to prepare and what to expect during an interview to become a Digital Marketer.

So let’s begin by talking about all the Digital Marketing basics for beginners.

Technical Strengths:

Tools & Platforms:

Soft Skills:

When you’re applying to be a Digital Marketer the following rounds will be part of most selection procedures:

1. General Application + Resume & Cover Letter
2. Request of Work Samples OR Marketing Assignment
3. Interview Round

So let’s tackle each round one by one…

The General Application

This is probably the easiest step of the general application round. You have to fill out the application form according to what the company requires as well as hand in your resume and cover letter. Employers want to identify your technical skills in this round.

In fact the hardest part is actually finding the jobs that you would want to apply to. If that’s your concern then sign up on GetWork now by clicking HERE.

Remember to structure your resume in an appealing and creative way. You are applying for a digital marketing role, which means that if your resume has poor design or multiple errors, it will give a negative impression to your prospective employers.

In your Cover Letter be sure to highlight any of the skills you possess that are relevant to Digital Marketing, like the one we so clearly laid out for you above!

Work Samples & Assignment

At this stage, you have essentially been shortlisted to the first round of the job. This means that employers have looked at your resume and CV and find that you possess the right kind of skills that they are looking for. So they have handed you this assignment to see how you are able to apply yourself. They essentially want to see what digital marketing tools you possess.

Employers will either ask you to share your previous work examples such as your blogs or websites and social media accounts that you have previously managed. Be sure to hand in analytical reports to support these samples so that they can see how you are tracking your KPIs. This is a step most people miss out on, if you do this, you are sure to stay ahead of all other applicants.

They may also hand you a marketing assignment which could be any of the following:

5 Skills Important to become a Digital Marketer


Interview Round

This is the hardest part of any job application, not just for digital marketing. Here Employers want to see what soft skills you possess, namely the ones we mentioned in the first part of this blog post. Being approachable, quick on your feet, with great listening and communication skills is how you land this job. These three skills are vital and must come across in your interview round.

Expect the following Questions:

For the first question make sure you are getting into the specifics by using the right words. As we have mentioned in this blog as well as our previous blog on digital marketing, this job division is very vast. Mention exactly which type of Digital Marketing techniques you are savvy with, such as SEO, Blogging or Social Media. Then go into what you have done and mention the results.

For the second question refer back to your relevant experience. When you have stated your results, now identify how did you get those numbers and figures? Maybe you used Google Analytics, built in analytical tools on social media platforms, or maybe another type of tool to analyze your post performance. Tell them what exactly you tracked using the analytical tools and software. What key metrics were you looking at? It could be page/website clicks or the number of impressions or followers depending on what type of marketing experience you’ve had.

For the third question, this is actually a really tough one. We’re not going to lie. In fact there is no magic formula that we can offer you except that you have to start by learning all you can about the company before you go into that interview. If you have researched the company well, you would have analysed how they are using a wide variety of platforms to raise brand awareness. Instead of giving general answers, focus in on a single platform. For example – tell them how they could be posting differently on Instagram since they have fewer likes to follower engagement ratios. Another example could be how they should re-strategize their company website to make it more interactive.

These are the three basic but very important questions that all interviewers will ask you during your digital marketing job application. Get a good night’s sleep, research well and breathe! Everything is going to work out fine.

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