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By Anand Pancholi

28 July 2021







As the world is growing day by day, It is going digital. Everything is now working on machines. Companies are hiring professionals in Data Science. The demand for data scientists in India is increasing as well. From MNCs to new start-ups, every company now needs data scientists for proper handling of the huge amount of data they generate and store.

Data science is a fresh discipline in the corporate world, so not everyone is familiar with this term. So let's find out what is Data Science and what is the future of data science in India.


Why Data Science?

 The term “Data Scientist” came to life when companies realized that they can process the raw data from their server to bring new analysis that can benefit them. Data Science uses multiple tools, Algorithms, and machine learning protocols to calculate and discover new data/patterns from Raw data. Here are some of the goals that are achieved with the help of Data Science:

·        Prediction (Stock market)

·        Recommendation (YouTube, Netflix)

·        Forecasting (Sales)

·        Scoring (CIBIl score)

Each of the goals has a different effect on a different industry. Companies require a data scientist to achieve these goals. These are just a fraction of what can be achieved with the help of Data Science. 


What does a Data Scientist do?

A data scientist cracks complex data with the help of mathematics, algorithms, and statics. A data scientist does not need to master these elements. A good data scientist has a curiosity about What, How, and Why.  A data scientist does OPD of Data

1.      Organizing the Data

2.      Processing the Data

3.      Delivering the Data

A data scientist analyzes not only the figure reports but all his surroundings like Social Media, News and everything that impacts his industry.

Institutes that provide Data Science course

The use of data scientists in industries has created over 45% of jobs in the last few years. Various technical institutions are now offering courses in the field of data science. A few of them are listed below:

·        Indian Institute of Digital Science

·        Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology

·        Indian Institute of Technology

·        Indian Institute of Science

·        Indian Institute of technology and Management

Skills of a Data Scientist

Skills are really important whatever industry you go to. Your skills decide your growth and future. Like any other field, there are some specific skills that a data scientist must possess. A degree in data science does not matter much, all you need is few skills.

·        Technical skills like Python, GitHub, Apache (Pig, Spark, and Hadoop)

·        Knowledge of Data visualization tools is really important to become a data scientist

·        He should be innovative to extract insights from business problems

·        A keen eye to analyze and process the data

·        He should be curious and well informed about the industry he is working in.

Industries that need a Data Scientist

With digitization, every industry is going online, but some specific industries require a data scientist who can give insights and solutions to problems:

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry has a higher demand for data scientists. Their raw data like medical records, data from wearable devices and clinical bills need daily processing. Healthcare industries and healthcare providers use that data for the betterment of patients.

Transportation Industry

The passenger billing system, vehicle positioning, and passenger counting give most of the data for the transportation industry. This data is used to manage and plan transportation systems.

Banking Sector

Banking is one of the biggest industries that need Data Scientists. These scientists analyze data such as credit and debit records of users, their history of payments, modes of payments to make assumptions and forecasts.

Roles of a Data Scientist

A Data Scientist has various responsibilities while working at an organization and companies hire for multiple roles. Here are some of the in-demand roles for Data Scientists in India:

·        Big Data Engineer

·        Machine learning engineer

·        Data analyst

·        Data Architect

·        Statistician

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