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By Anand Pancholi

28 July 2021







An interview is the first step towards your dream job. The interviewer asks questions related to your studies and skills. But the most important question during an interview is the self-introduction or “Tell Me About Yourself”.  It is said that The first impression is the last and this saying fits right for Self Introduction during an interview.

Interviewers ask for Self Introduction so that they can know more about you. Self Introduction for an interview is one tough job. Many applicants fail to impress the interviewer in this question. But his article will help to master the Self Introduction for Job.

What Is self Introduction?

With Self Introduction, interviewers want to know about an applicant, Where he is from, about his education, his hobbies, and his background. When you tell the interviewer about yourself you are telling him about your personality and your experiences. This way interviewers get a basic idea about the candidate.

Here are major self introduction points:

· Your Basic Information

Basic information includes Your Name, what are your hobbies, and what are your qualifications. Tell them where are you from, Where have you been living. Mention the basics about your family. Give the interviewers some personal information before telling them about your professional side. Tell the interviewers about your achievements in your college life.

· Explain your achievements

After telling them some basics about you, tell them something that only you have. Interviewers want to know why you are different from any other applicant. If you have any academic achievement, whether you have participated in your college fest, your extracurricular activities, tell them to the interviewer. This way you stand out from the other applicants.

· Mention your Purpose

This is also an important section. After briefing the interviewer about yourself, tell them what is your purpose to reach out to them, What designation you have applied for, and if you have a reference, it is the time to mention it.

Example of Self Introduction:


Good Morning,

I am *Your name*. I am from *Your city*. I have been living in this city for *years/months*. I live here with my *Family/ friends/ relatives*. Apart from my parents, I have *your sibling*/If you have any/. I have completed *Your last education* from *Name of your College*.

I am interested in*Your hobbies*. Apart from these hobbies, I like to hang out with my friends. I participated in *your cultural/ athletic achievements*/ I have a *Your academic education*.

I am here to apply for the job of *your purpose*. My Friend/professor *Mention their name* told me about this vacancy.

Thank You.


Things to remember

Before going to an interview, there are a few things you must remember:

· Confidence is your key

This is the biggest issue among students/Freshers. They go for the interview after preparing everything, still they do not get selected for the job. The reason is They get nervous. You need to practice for the interview with your friends, your mentors and your family to get over this issue.

· Be professional

If you get nervous, the Interviewer will ask you to relax or take a breath. He might start a conversation with you. What you need to remember is, Interviewer is doing this to calm you down and you should behave professionally, and try to avoid informal discussions.

· Control your Body Language

Sometimes the body language of the applicant gets in the way. You should practice learning positive and confident body language. Controlling your body language is essential to stay professional, For example: When you approach the interviewer, try to make eye contact and start with a handshake.

· Talk more about your Hobbies

Sometimes, interviewers hire applicants by asking questions about the hobbies of an applicant. So tell them about everything about your hobbies and be prepared for the cross-questions. Try to avoid over-exaggeration of your hobbies because the interviewer can smell an over-exaggeration and lies.


Self Introduction is important and your mentor, your friends can tell you how to improve it. But it is upon you to ace the self-introduction part of an interview. Practice makes a man perfect and helps in putting a good impression.


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