5 Digital Marketing Certifications That Get You Hired in 2021

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By Himanshi Naryani

26 July 2021







Employers are looking for candidates who know the latest trends and news. Human resource executives of any digital agency or organization want people who have relevant skill sets and somebody who is hard working so that they stay on top of the competition.

Spending considerable time on digital marketing courses can help a person speed up trends and get a fair idea of what this field is about and how to use certain tools to stay relevant in the market. According to us, resumes with authoritative certifications help candidates stand out and make the resumes noticeable to the hiring manager. 

However, it is extremely difficult to find the best digital marketing certifications when there are thousands of courses claiming to offer the same benefits. So,


Here is a list of 5 digital marketing certifications that help you stand out and get you hired in this year :


Google Digital Garage Certificate- 

An ideal course to learn the basics of digital marketing. A free interactive course to make your learning effective. The  course offers practical exercise and real-world examples in order to make you industry ready. As an aspiring digital marketer you need to know the facets of digital marketing, that is, how to measure your campaign effectiveness, etc. There are other courses as well offered by google for free like- Google Analytics IQ Certification, Google Digital Unlocked Certificate, etc.


Time-8-10 hours.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification-

Content is king. Your content drives consumers to your website. Creating high quality content is one of the core digital marketing strategies. HubSpot offers a free certification course that covers 12 separate categories to keep one updated.

Cost- Free

Time- 4 hours

YouTube Certification- 

One of the most effective ways for creating engaging content in video. Many marketers use visuals in marketing in order to create more engaging content. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and therefore this course brings more credibility. However, certifications are available for qualified YouTube and google advertising partners.

Cost- Free

Time- Varied.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification-‍

HubSpot offers another essential certification course. Inbound marketing provides methods to drive consumers to the website instead of pushing brands or products. This course offers 7 modules that covers everything from understanding buyers’ journey, creating buyers’ personas, etc.

Cost- Free

Time Commitment- 3 hours

Facebook Blueprint Certification-

This course is perfect for marketers to show off their Facebook Advertising skills. This is one of the ideal digital marketing courses as a professional must know how to plan a successful Facebook Campaign and how to measure its effectiveness. This certification course requires a person to take an exam in order to pass and the passing mark is 700. 

Cost- 10000

Time- 2 days



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