What Businesses Learn from The Olympics

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By Pooja Joshi

14 February 2022







As is the case every four years, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing is now the focus of worldwide attention.

 Could it be possible to approach business similarly to that of Olympians approaching the Games?

As a business person or an organization, you aspire to be successful and rise to the top of your profession. There are no medals to be won, but there are still competitions. 

  • You've won every time you get a raise on technical advancement.
  • Getting a contract is like winning the lottery.
  • You've won when your name is called to serve on a committee.

There are no coincidences here. Businesses put in the same amount of effort that an Olympic athlete would. You know what you want, and you work hard to obtain it.

Look at some of the things businesses may learn from athletes at the Olympics and what they've accomplished

1.Having a goal and a plan for achieving it is essential to success.

Every four years, an Olympic athlete has the opportunity to compete in front of a worldwide audience. The goals aren't always as clear in business, but it's crucial for you to narrow in on exactly what you want to accomplish. To reach your objective, you must first have a clear idea of what you want to do.

To become an entrepreneur and run a successful business, one must start at the bottom and work their way up the ranks. When it comes to getting to the top, you are well-versed in the requirements and benchmarks that must be met. These milestones can shape revenue generation, merger and acquisition, more projects, employee satisfaction, and great work culture in the business world.

2. Maintain a long-term perspective.

No one becomes a millionaire in a day. To rise to the top, one must put in the time, effort, and dedication. In this way, pursuing an Olympic gold and pursuing business success are the same thing in the eyes of the law. Every day of your working life is spent pursuing your business ambitions. A success ladder climb does not happen immediately; you must put in the effort to achieve long-term objectives.

For a business to achieve success, it must compete in smaller qualifying competitions. Performances improve due to these opportunities to work on technique, work out kinks, and gain image assurance. 

3. Take time to appreciate what you've accomplished and be realistic about what you're hoping to achieve in the future.

Winning is everything for athletes. There is no doubt that everyone aspires to win the gold medal. Each Olympian has a unique definition of success that they define for themselves. As a first-timer on the Olympic squad, an athlete can define success as providing their best effort. An Olympian who has already won a medal will be satisfied with nothing less than a repeat victory.

When it comes to success, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Seek career milestones like being named team leader or being in charge of a project when you're just starting your career. Enjoy these accomplishments and the knowledge that you're getting closer to your objective every day. In the later stages of your work, this becomes even more crucial. If you're looking for a promotion, look for modest victories that signal development. Whether you're a professional or a student, it's important to recognize your achievements.

4. Don't let setbacks hold you back from achieving your goals.

Neeraj Chopra, the chubby boy, worked hard to lose 17 kg.


Fitness is a key for an Olympian.

Fitness was never a challenge. He met with a wrist injury during training, and his career was on the line. It was a major setback, but Neeraj bounced back, and the rest is history. We met with our 2nd Olympics Gold Medalist in Tokyo Olympics.

Use your setback story as a source of inspiration when you face a challenge. You can use your failure as a motivating force to help you grow and become better. Investigate what went wrong and use that as a lesson for the future. Your mistakes won't be repeated if you learn from them, so don't beat yourself up over them! There is no need to wait four years for your opportunity at redemption like Olympians.

5. At all times, give your best effort.

An athlete's official score is based on an evaluation by a panel of judges, but the spotlight doesn't end there. Competitors, sponsors, supporters, members of the media, and judges are just some of the people who might be tuning in. They must always be shown in their finest light.

The same holds in the market competition. Always offer your best effort since you never know who's watching. Everything you do is visible to your competitors. 


In the business world, make 2022 a year to remember. Don't forget these lessons while you're trying to make it to your job or business reputation because they will help you succeed no matter where you go.


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