Pre Employment Background Check- A guide for Employers

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By Anand Pancholi

29 July 2021







Pre Employment check or Pre background check is an important procedure for employers. Once the employer has done the initial processes and sorted candidates by interviews and various skill tests, the pre-employment check takes place. With this check, employers check the history of the candidate. It is done to make sure that the candidate does not has any criminal record, driving record and to check his professionalism.

Why Conduct a Pre Employment Security Test?

The corporate world is competitive so employers need to hire a candidate who is incorrupt and loyal to the company. Companies have confidential records and protocols, that need to stay secret. So to ensure secrecy, they conduct Pre Employment security test. Apart from these, some of the reasons behind Pre Employment Verification are:

1.  To Hire the right employee

There are often cases where a candidate has included misleading information on their CV or he has provided wrong information to the HRs during the interviews. This information could be his educational qualification, his work experience, or his residential information. To make sure all the provided information is correct, Companies conduct Pre Employment Test.

2.  To check candidates’ character

Candidates sometimes hide some information or exaggerate, so that they can land that Job. To prevent these kinds of dishonesties, companies run a character check. This character check is also a part of the Pre Employment Test to hire a high-character candidate.

3.  For the best Productivity

Companies run a background check so that they can get his previous work history, his productivity. Past performances can say a lot about a candidate’s professionalism, technical skills and communication.

Background Check process for Indian Companies

Earlier, a background check was done only in MNCs to ensure that they are hiring genuine candidates. But now Pre Employment test has been normalized by new start-ups as well. There are techniques to ensure that the Indian companies are hiring genuine candidates.

1. Aadhar Verification

Aadhar card was launched so that citizen can have all their personal information in just one card. It has residential information, banking details, and even biometrics. Thus Aadhar card has become an important tool to run a background check of the candidates.

2. Social Media

Social Media is the best way to check the character of your candidate. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most famous social media platform where you can find your candidate. The candidate’s posts, likes, shares, and comments tell a lot about his character and the way he behaves.

3. Contact his previous Employer

If the candidate is experienced, his previous employer can tell a lot about him. HRs can find out about his professionalism, his communication skills, and his technical skills.


Things to remember

While the employers need to verify the candidates to ensure they hire only genuine ones, they should also know the legality of the process. Here are some points that they should remember:

·        Only ISO 27001 certified companies can conduct the Pre Employment screening.

·        Personal information such as Medical records, Financial information, and biometric data can not be accessed without the permission of the candidate.

·        The applicant must be informed about the background check.

·        If anything is found in the background check, it should be discussed with the applicant first.


The conclusion

A good employee can enhance the productivity of the whole organization. While it is important to run a background check on applicants, HRs should also remember that they don’t break any law in the process.

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