Innovation in HR: Video Resumes

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By Mash Juzar

29 July 2021







As a result of the worldwide pandemic, Human Resource departments over the last eight months have been faced with a new task to hire candidates remotely. This process was prevalent in various job roles for candidates willing to relocate prior to the COVID19 pandemic. However, in the current scenario, full recruitment procedures are conducted virtually via telephonic and video interviews.

Over the last two to three years, recruitment and HR practices were already seeing a lot of growth and innovation. Especially with the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools being offered to assist HR Managers to enhance their people management systems.

From the early 90s to the 00s, we have seen a gradual shift of paper resumes to digital resumes as a preference for very many companies. Digital resumes are easier to store and can be managed easily especially with the introduction of resume parsing software. Recently, video cv have become a perfectly admissible form of application.  


Who does it work for?

It is a fact that this form of application is less ideal for Generation X and older candidates. Simply because explaining their achievements and experiences would result in lengthy video resumes which would consume a recruiter’s time at screening.

However when considering the early talent recruitment, recruiters could actually benefit from this process. Currently, early talent candidates fall under Generation Z, who is by far the most technology influenced age group. This would allow them to easily create and edit this type of video content.

Video resumes give recruiters the chance to assess the candidates’ soft skills especially in identifying their convictive communication skills and area specific knowledge. Fresh graduates, especially in India, struggle with writing resumes. By simply looking at a resume, recruiters may actually be unable to assess the true quality of an applicant. Resume building has become, in itself, a strategic skill, where an individual can present themselves to be more articulate and polished than they actually are.

By allowing them to present themselves in a brief 2-3 minute video, young talents have abundant time to share their qualifications, any experiences and career goals. Although this is slightly more time-consuming at the screening process, recruiters will be able to shortlist ideal candidates more accurately and reduce the need for multiple interview rounds.  

Evaluate Candidate Personality

Since 2015, AI has taken recruitment by storm and although it’s being used extensively as a marketing gimmick, it still remains as a vital dynamic in recruitment processes. Traditional hiring is upgrading to smart AI recruitment solutions. In the initial phases, AI was seen as a distant dream, but it is now reality, and there are several user-friendly HR applications entering the market every year.

AI is implemented in recruiter chatbots, candidate screening, P2P learning, and skills assessments. All of these tools are raising the candidate experience and restructuring outmoded hiring practices.

AI will establish faster, smarter, secure and overall easier recruitment.

You’re Actually Saving Time

So just hear us out. We know it sounds like a lot of work to actually receive video resumes and watch them, especially since each is about 1-2 minutes long. Be that as it may, you’d actually be narrowing your pool of candidates by asking only the eligible ones to come in for an interview. This drastically reduces your resources for scheduling assessments and interviews for candidates that you were bound to reject.

Viewing a video will give you a lot more insights than a resume and a cover letter. You will know after viewing a video whether a candidate is worth calling in for an interview. By spending an extra minute at the time of screening, you will save hours and time at later stages of the hiring process.

Additionally video resumes are easily stored and can be accessed readily in the future. In the case where you ask your candidates to apply again in the future, you could compare their video resumes to see their growth in terms of experience and personality.  

Client Facing Roles

It is important to note that video resumes are advantageous for specific job roles over others. For example, if you are hiring a software developer, asking them to create a video resume will not give you enough information regarding their technical proficiencies.

Video resumes work best when you are hiring for roles that require client interaction. Employees that are required to build and manage relationships with clients need to have impeccable communication and interpersonal skills. These are also the key skills that a video resume will allow you to determine.

If you’re hiring for advertisers, marketers, public relations representative, event managers or sales profiles – then maybe video resumes will be the most beneficial for you. We’re not saying that you can’t use video resumes for other profiles, but in terms of efficiency and looking at your time to hire metrics, opting for video resumes for client facing jobs will optimize your processes.

On the other hand, we’re not saying that you should only use video resumes. Video resumes are a very new concept, especially in India. If you’re looking to implement new strategies, you can introduce the option of including video resumes. Candidates that submit video resumes are more likely to be confident and self-assured about their communication and presentation skills.  

Why has it not been implemented yet?

With every new innovation, there are late adopters. Several organizations are already accepting video resumes. Various surveys have shown that on average 9/10 employers are willing to view video resumes they receive. The traditional professional resumes we see today have been in use for the last 50 years.

There are three reasons that video resumes are still not a recruitment norm. The first, as discussed above, is that it does not allow one to showcase their technical skills and thus lengthens the screening process. Secondly, there are currently no regulations in place when it comes to video resumes in terms of data management and evaluation. Lastly, recruiters could be imposing their biases when making hiring decisions.

Candidates that submit video resumes can still submit assessments so that their practical skills are assessed. Video resumes is not supposed to replace the hiring process, it is simply supposed to refine the screening process. In terms of regulations and biases—this is something that the human resource industry would be able to underpin collectively. Recruiters would have to identify what key areas they are looking to assess in an interview. HR departments are aware of discrimination that occur in the recruitment process, and are actively training their recruiters to avoid these biases.  

Tips on structuring your video resume application:

  1. Give a time limit to your videos. We recommend 1-2 minute videos for early talent recruitment.
  2. Utilize cloud talent management software to simplify the collection and storage of your videos.
  3. Give candidates three questions or pointers to cover in their video.

What to look at when Assessing Video Resumes

Here are a few things to look for when you are viewing video resumes. These points will help you gauge the expertise and skills of the candidates:

Video resumes will display an abundant of information regarding a candidate. As the HR industry is currently redefining processes due to COVID19. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor prior to COVID19, India had one of the shortest time-to-hire rates with an average of 16.1 days from initial sourcing to hire. The pandemic has disrupted these processes, and introducing innovative strategies can help maintain the fast and smooth processes.

If you’re looking to hire fresh graduates at this time, you can connect with GetWork! We offer an automated hiring platform that allows you to source, screen and hire qualified fresh graduates in less than 10 days. Our AI enhanced tools allow you to get the best candidate matches as per your eligibility requirements. Looking for more custom solutions and video resume capabilities? Contact us now to learn how we can assist you.  



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