How To Interview Candidates

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By Himanshi Naryani

28 July 2021







With the growing employment market, finding the correct fit for the organisation whose expectation matches the expectation of the organization has become extremely difficult. It is imperative to know how to interview candidates.


With increasing presence of social media and use of the internet, interviews have lost mystery. In a very brief period of time, an interviewer not only has to assess the capabilities and efficiency of the candidate but also has to sell the job. 

In order to make the best candidates stay, 


Here is a Guide as To How to Interview a Person-

Creating a compelling job description

Hiring a perfect candidate starts with writing a perfect job description which does over-describe the job with lots of bullet points. These days, if a candidate does not not find a job description compelling enough, he will roll his eyes and find more suitable opportunities which meet his expectations.

Prepare questions

It is important to prepare questions beforehand and jot them down. Make a list of all the required attributes so that as an interviewer you are clear about the skills and qualifications you are looking for in a candidate. Prepare a list of strategic interview questions to ask candidates.

Stress reduction

Candidates are generally nervous for interviews as there are many questions they generally don’t know the answer to, like  what is the dress code that the company follows, the topics that the interviewer would like to discuss, etc. As an interviewer, one should try to reduce interviewee’s stress by providing them some background so that they can be well prepared and be willing to set up a meeting at their convenience to access their potential correctly. 

Relevant questions

As an interviewer you shall never ask absurd questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses, this gives an option to the interviewee to exaggerate. However, ask strategic interview questions to ask candidates like situational questions. Provide a situation to the candidate and ask them what they would do if they face something like that.

Sell the Job

After interviewing the candidate, if you believe that he is worth wooing, spend a considerable amount of time in selling the job and explaining to him the roles and responsibilities, and about the organization. Try making the whole interview a little fun for the candidate and ask them if they want to meet somebody from the team as it is believed that the most honest feedback is provided by peers.


How to start an interview as the interviewer?



Here is a step by step process as to how to start an interview as the interviewer to assess potential of the candidate and find the right person for the right job-

Introduce Yourself

Instead of bombarding the candidate with questions, start the interview by introducing yourself and tell them something about the company and its culture.

Set the stage

Set the tone which shall not be too lenient or too strict. In this initial stage, let the candidate know what to expect in the interview. Since as an interviewer, you too are being observed, it is imperative to put forward the correct tone. If you come across as lenient and casual, the candidate may not take the interview seriously and if you come across too harshly, the candidate may get nervous.

Generalized questions 

Start the interview with general questions like describe yourself in line or what is the one word that fits you the best, etc. This would let an interviewer know about the candidate's interest and expectation. Later on switch to more specific questions to assess his potential.

Time for questions

Use the second half of the interview to sell the job and let the candidate know about organisation culture. Provide him enough time to ask questions. This will let you know whether the candidate has prepared well for the interview.




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