Driving Recruitment in 2020

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By Mash Juzar

29 July 2021







Embracing New Technology and Reviving the Human Connection

2020 will be a big year for recruitment worldwide but more so for India. The growth of the workforce has been increasing steadily and is predicted to increase over the course of this decade. Millions are joining the workforce every year and there aren’t enough job creations to meet such demands. Even so, recruitment in India has been growing to be increasingly difficult with high competition and inapt candidate pools.

To thrive in the next decade, hiring managers have to stay ahead by making use of undervalued candidate skills. There is also pressure to improve applicant experience while searching for optimum candidates in accordance to company values.

Here are some of the key things recruiters need to consider to become successful with their hiring practices over the next 10 years.

Company Culture

Employee engagement was not a vital convention of the previous decade. It is now. Bad candidate experience is highly detrimental and the absence of a dynamic and healthy work culture results in higher attrition rates.

Recruiters should know that salaries are not the only determining factor for the youths in India, who makes up a vast majority of the workforce. Several surveys have shown that Gen Y and Gen Z candidates have repeatedly prioritized world culture and growth over high wages.

A strong culture is directly related to higher productivity, innovation, talent acquisition, better business outcomes and customer satisfaction. These are all major reasons to re-evaluate the work culture at your company. Does your work environment prioritize growth and experience or does it only focus on business goals and numbers? Focus on marketing your Employer Brand to ensure candidates understand the company’s core values and vision before they are onboarded.

Artificial Intelligence

Since 2015, AI has taken recruitment by storm and although it’s being used extensively as a marketing gimmick, it still remains as a vital dynamic in recruitment processes. Traditional hiring is upgrading to smart AI recruitment solutions. In the initial phases, AI was seen as a distant dream but it is now reality and there are several user-friendly HR applications entering the market every year.

AI is implemented in recruiter chatbots, candidate screening, P2P learning, and skills assessments. All of these tools are raising the candidate experience and restructuring outmoded hiring practices.

AI will establish faster, smarter, secure and overall easier recruitment.


Mobile Recruitment

Any tech savvy recruiter is aware that several job seekers are bound to be using their smartphones and devices to search for opportunities on-the-go. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that only millennials are conducting such practices. In fact mobile devices are being used in job searches across Generation X, Y and Z candidates.

Use of social media platforms to attract candidates like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are becoming more popular. Mobile is the future, thus optimizing your experience to attract diverse talent pools is necessary. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when structuring your job posts and content for candidates using their mobile:

Talent Acquisition Leaders

The decade shift will depend upon hiring managers. With new mobile recruiting strategies and technologies like AI, the recruitment process is continuously being disrupted. Hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders need to facilitate the team into the new age.

These leaders need to full immerse themselves in the business aspect of recruitment while maintaining key soft skills themselves. They have to bridge the gap between the technical and human aspects of hiring. A key aspect of this is to understand that recruitment is a candidate driven market and not an employer driven market.

Here are qualities of an Exceptional 2020 Recruitment Leader:

Proactive – Majority of job seekers are passively seeking jobs opportunities, it is up to recruiters to devise plans to attract and retain candidates. They need to utilize employee referrals, social media recruiting, and inbound recruiting to improve key hiring metrics like cost per hire, time per hire, quality of hire, and employee retention.

Emphatic – Connecting with your candidates is the best way to secure candidates and increase their employment period at your company. Emotionally intelligent and compassionate recruiters truly understand their candidates’ goals, perspective and struggles. This helps you understand why candidates are motivated and how you can in turn encourage them and help them grow.

Tech Savvy – Staying updated on all the tech trends in recruitment is vital. What are the new software and tools coming into the market? What works and what doesn’t! All these factors are important in improving work experience for yourself and your teams.

Data Analytical – Successful recruiters harness the power of data to create improved and strategic recruitment plans. Using data is a great way to get clear numbers and analysis that helps evaluate the various hiring metrics mentioned above. Data can also give strategy insights to improve ROI. Track where your best candidates are coming from and invest time and money in to those channels for optimal results.

In conclusion, recruitment is going through an overhaul that will change the way candidates are selected. Using technological tools, data-driven processes, and focusing on employer branding will bring equity to the hiring practices.

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