Employee Training and development

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By Himanshi Naryani

16 September 2021







Employee Training and development

In the past few years, companies have realised the importance of employee training and development for better performance, effectiveness and motivation. Employers are now not reluctant to spend for training and development of their employees as it provides them with skills like communication, decision-making and leadership. It is considered a strategic way to achieve high productivity and growth.

Introduction to employee training and development

Training and Development is highly important to retain valuable employees. If organisations fail to realise its importance and neglect it, employees' work becomes frustrating and cumbersome.

Generally, these two words are used interchangeably, however, they are different. Training provides definite measurable goals and objectives like learning how to operate a machine,etc. Development, on the other hand, introduces broader skills like communication and leadership.

Benefits of employee training and development

The benefits of training and development of employees by the company outweighs the disadvantages of the programs. Here are few benefits-

  1. Performance- With timely training, employees become better at their work, which thereby improves their productivity and efficiency. Training programs ensure that employees are well equipped with the guidelines and safety measures to be taken while performing a task. This builds a sense of confidence among them, as they get to know more about the industry and their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Brand Image- A company who constantly works towards the training and development of its employees by introducing programs attracts competent and passionate talent. As said earlier, employee training and development is not only beneficial for employees but also for the company’s reputation and image.
  3. Newness- When a company is constantly working towards upskilling its employees, the work becomes interesting for employees and therefore, they introduce innovative and creative ideas for the growth of the company.


Training and development Methods

New and more effective ways come everyday to make training and development interesting for employees. However there are some common approaches that have been proved highly beneficial and yielded high results in the past. Here are some employee training and development methods-

  1. Orientation- One of the most important methods of development. It is important to make the new recruits familiar with the company’s environment, culture, mission and vision, objectives,goals,background and strategies. They need to become familiar with rules and regulations and most importantly need to feel comfortable and welcome. This can be done through videos, one-to-one sessions, or handbooks.
  2. Lectures- This method of training and development is efficient when the company has to address a large number of people. This saves cost for the organization. However, this is not an efficient way of conducting training for employees, as the communication flows one way and there is very little room for questions and feedback.
  3. Computer based training- With this approach, employees are free to learn wherever and whenever they want. Computer based training consists of pre-recorded tutorials where the communication takes place between a computer and the employee. From the company's perspective, the cost of training is reduced as there is no need for an instructor.



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