How Colleges can Improve their placements by 5x amid Pandemic

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By Anand Pancholi

29 July 2021







Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, it has affected almost every sector. The education sector is facing big issues and challenges as well. The two biggest challenges for Educational institutes are- "How to keep the education in a proper flow?" and "How to conduct on-campus drives in college?" For the first challenge, Educational Institutions have found a solution- Online classes and E-learning. According to research by Sannam, the online education market in India was worth $247 million in 2016 and is expected to increase to US$35.03 billion by 2025.

Colleges are now making regular E-Classes to train and educate students but another challenge is yet to be solved. Because of the pandemic, hiring rates have dropped drastically. A report from The Hindu Business Lines says 35.48 percent of engineering job seekers are worried about timely placements. So How can Colleges beat the pandemic blues and Increase the placement rates by 5x? Here are 5 ways that can increase the placements in pandemic:

1. Go Online

Just like online classes have solved the challenge of educating and training students, Virtual Drives are helping Colleges in improving the placement rates in this pandemic and lockdown. With virtual hiring, colleges are conducting On-campus recruitment drives without the risks of exposing students to the pandemic. With virtual drives, colleges can reach a bigger number of companies. GetWork is a platform that is helping over 18,000 colleges in conducting successful virtual on campus drives. With GetWork, Placement rates of these colleges have increased up to 80%.

The benefits of conducting Virtual On-Campus Recruitment Drives with GetWork are not just limited to higher placement rates. Going Online also reduces the manual work of the Training and Placement Officers as well. Virtual Drives with GetWork are fully automatic for seamless interaction with companies. Training and Placement Officers save 80% of their time and resources by using SaaS tools & micro-services offered by GetWork.

2. Scout for more companies

When Colleges conduct On-campus Placement Drives, they have a few companies. They invite the companies for campus drives; the companies interview and hire a limited number of students. Students who cannot land a job in On-Campus drives have to go Off-campus for job hunt. This affects the placement rate of the colleges and the morale of the candidates.

Online placements can completely change the scenario. When Educational Institutes opt for Virtual On-Campus Drives, their visibility to companies increases up to 5x. The communication between Training & Placement Officers and Recruiters is virtual and they can connect in one virtual room. When the visibility of colleges is high, the students' satisfaction rate also increases. The annual placement report from GetWork says that after virtual placement drives, student satisfaction rates increased by 78%.


3. Start finding new and upcoming startups

The pandemic has hit every economy hard, but it is also giving life to new ideas and startups. The Startup Ecosystem report 2021 from Inc21 says that India is home to over 38K startups as on May 2021. 51 of these start-ups are unicorns i.e. they have a valuation of over $ 1 Billion. The start-Up ecosystem is the country is flourishing and India is likely to see 100 unicorns by 2023.

These start-ups are a great opportunity for colleges as Startups hire the most skilled graduates. To increase the placement rates, the Training & Placement Officers should look for new startups and invite them for placement drives. Startups give proper exposure of the industry to students with a decent package and also elevate the college reputation and placement rates.

4. Look for new Job Options

The 2020 pandemic and lockdown have changed the conventional way of work. Everything is now going online and companies are looking for candidates who are “Digitally Woke”. Industries that are hiring in this pandemic are:

· E-Learning Platforms

· E-Commerce Businesses

· Social Media and Communication based Companies

Job profiles like Business Development, Talent Acquisition, Sales, Software Development are conventional, companies are hiring for these roles. Graduates are trained and hired for these profiles, but after the 2020 pandemic, the hiring scenario has completely changed.

Unconventional Job options like Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Creative Writing, Graphics Designers and Editors, Online Tutors are now majorly in-demand. Businesses are willing to hire creative individuals for these profiles. These jobs are in high demand and companies are offering a good package. Educational Institutes should adopt the change and prepare their students for these “Unconventional Jobs” as well.

5. Ask Your students

College TPOs should regularly interact with their students to get their views on what new job options and opportunities are popular in the market. Students have a bigger circle and they keep exchanging information and the latest trends with each other. Educational institutes that interact and communicate with their students, alumni, and industry experts regularly have increased placement rates compared to others. These colleges have a better curriculum to prepare students for On-campus placements, thus have better visibility among recruiters. GetWork gives a powerful feature to interact with your students everyday and understand their needs, requirements & goals. GetWork's powerful SaaS tool gives a daily overview on Popular Skill in your college, Goals of your students, Gaps in placement strategies and a lot more.

In 2012, Universidad TecMilenio introduced the Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing and overhauled its teaching to meet the needs of students and current industry trends. After this step, the university was listed among the Positive Universities.


These 5 ways are most popular among colleges who have Preferred GetWork for their Virtual Placement Drives. GetWork has helped these colleges grow visibility to companies by 5 times. We'd love a chance to show you why GetWork is 10x better. Schedule a demo with our university success team:



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