Benefits of Industry Visit

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By Anand Pancholi

29 July 2021







Some experiences can not be taught with books or syllabus. They need practical experience. These experiences become more important when they are designed for a professional course.  Industry visits are also one of those experiences. Students need these experiences so that they have a better knowledge of the industry. Industry visits teach students about how companies manage and process a challenge. Here are the benefits of industry visits.

What is Industry Visit?

Indian educational institutes conduct Industry visits where students are sent to work and to gain experience in their specialized courses.  Industry visit focuses on giving students an idea of how things work in a professional environment.  They are mostly conducted for students pursuing a professional course. This is how students get exposure to the latest technologies.  Industry visits are different than any other colleges, but the main motive of these visits is the same: To prepare students for the future.

Who can get benefits from Industry Visits?

Industry visits are conducted mainly for students who have joined a vocational course. These industry visit can be conducted for:

1.      Engineering Students

2.      Medical Students

3.      Management and Hospitality Students

4.      Information Technology students

5.      Digital Marketing Students

Benefits of Industry Visits

Industrial visits are the best source to increase the knowledge of students. It gives students exposure to various functions in an organization, such as HR, Marketing, Communication, etc.

It Gives real-world experience

While college and its syllabus prepare students with theoretical knowledge, Industry visits can expose them to real-world problems and give them an idea on how to resolve them.

Industry visits make contacts

When students are on an industry visit for their respective specialization course, they make contacts in the industry. These contacts help them grow after they graduate and are making their space in their field.

The Certificates

Industry visits not only give them a perspective, but it also gives them certificates. These certificates come in handy when students are applying for jobs. The certificates can give them a head start.

Industry visits help the student in choosing their field

Industry visits not only give students a clear look at how things work, but they help students in choosing a career. After the visits, students can think about how the industry is suitable for them and if they want to make a career in it.

Students meet different work culture

When colleges conduct multiple industry visits for students, students experience various work cultures. They learn their ethics, their policies and their protocols. This experience prepares students for the future.

The conclusion

Students not only get exposure to the real world, but they get mentally prepared for the corporate world. They learn life skills like communication. They learn directly from the industry expert, from their life lessons.

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