7 Step Strategy for College Placement Cells for Better Placements in 2022

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By Pooja Joshi

01 February 2022







College placement cells play a critical role in helping students land lucrative internships and jobs off-campus and prepare them for campus interviews. Placement cells include students, administrators, and teachers, are active throughout the year and increase the likelihood of successful campus placements.


  7 Step Strategy for College Placement Cells for Better Placements:


        1.   Provide career counselling from the first year

It's better to start preparing students for their future careers in their first year than to wait until their final year.


        2.   Establish ties with alumni and faculty

Almost all former students feel a strong connection to their alma mater and deep gratitude that drives them to volunteer their time and expertise without expecting anything in return.

Having a connection with successful alumni can help students in career assistance programmes get a first-hand look at what it's like to land a job.


       3.    Provide Career –Essential technical training

Every profession requires a basic understanding of technology. Since everything is now digital, even those with a non-technical background need to have a working knowledge of the latest technology. Even in most campus interviews, a technical round is required in which the employers evaluate the students' technical competence.

Colleges should therefore offer numerous technological courses to students such as Java, C, HTML, Web design and development, mobile app development, and data science as one of the placement cells' primary objectives to boost their chances of gaining high-paying positions in the future.


       4.    A Boost to College Profile

This is not self-evident. To get noticed, colleges should enhance their profile. When it comes to boosting the college profile, one should consider all aspects of college life. 

Consider the following:


       5.    Placing the Right Candidates

It is the college responsibility to assure the campus placement's success. Colleges choose students who have the greatest potential to succeed in interviews and win profitable positions.

A thorough campus placement system can assist colleges in centralizing student records and making them easily accessible to hiring authorities. It might assist colleges in projecting a more professional image to prospective employers.


        6.    The platform for Business-College Collaboration

In this competitive digital world, colleges should partner with technology or products/services that aid them throughout their placement life-cycle.

The following are some of the advantages of utilizing a gateway such as our SuperApp:


         7.    Networking Works

Colleges develop trust through networking. Networking is even more critical college is a small one with few resources, as they rely mostly on networking and referrals rather than on pricey hiring agencies and classified ads.

This increases engagement and enables them to collect critical news, information, and updates in a single window.



Annual campus placement sessions are judged on the potential and capabilities of students and their personalities and qualifications. 

On the other hand, colleges can mold their students and make a strong impression on employers if they are well-prepared and have a solid hiring plan in place.


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