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Over the last decade with the rapid expansion of internet, its media forms and marketing strategies, focus on brand awareness is higher than ever. With so much competition between companies, you are no longer selling a simple product or service; you are selling your brand. Your brand is your identification of where you stand as market leaders.

Your main goal is to have customers immediately associate a specific product or service to your brand. Your brand image compromises of your name, logo, and slogan. Recently employers identify that the use of key founding members as the face of the brand, boosts the company image.

Especially if you are a tech company, the use of a face is important as it humanizes your image. Individuals are often sceptical with anything to do with technology, but they will trust a person who stands for the same values. Hence several big global tech companies are implementing the “Face of the Brand” concept to their marketing strategies.

With increased brand awareness, employers enjoy profitable outcomes, increased quality of employees, stellar reputation, and even recognition on a global scale. Of course, increased brand awareness also means that your company will gain pressure to continuously provide excellent services. But this is a burden employers are willing to bare as long as they have a solid team to rely on.

This article will specifically look at brand awareness and its impact on recruitment of college hires. The youth population still in tertiary education lack any market experience and hence don’t know how to identify the quality and reputation of a company. They rely heavily on the brand image your company portrays when making decisions on whether they want to work at your offices.

This image is portrayed through various ways to students through: social media; company website; online and offline marketing campaigns; events; seminars and webinars. However the most important way employers can increase their brand awareness amongst student populations is through student engagement.

So how does your brand awareness affect your recruitment? The answer is simple. Without awareness you will get limited numbers of quality candidates applying to your vacancies. Your HR departments will spend hours of their time securing on-campus drives for poor turnout rates. With a lack of awareness, it will also be difficult to approach and convince colleges to conduct the drives in the first place.

GetWork understands this and is providing employers with a dynamic solution. From the get-go, GetWork tries to tackle this problem for employers. Every employer that is on-boarded will go through a thorough company profiling where we send a PR team to capture the essence of your company through interviews with your founders and employees and video tours of your office. This information is uploaded to your GetWork profile, and is easily accessible by anyone looking to receive information regarding your company.

Every time students want to apply for your jobs, they will be encouraged to view your profile and understand your core values, aims, mission and visions before applying to your listings. Our aim is to give you only candidates that are sincerely interested at working at your company. We promote your company events and updates on the platform feed as well as through our social media marketing strategies.

We provide you with the opportunity to offer course recommendations, seminars and webinars to potential candidates so that they know exactly what type of skills you look for in your employees. You are also free to sponsor specific trending articles and content that is uploaded to our career blog pages.

Prior to your visits to a college of your choice, we ensure that there are enough students who are interested in your vacancies. If you are unhappy with the numbers, we help boost your brand awareness at the college through the use of our Student Ambassadors, seminars or through targeted marketing campaigns.

At every step of the way, students will have the opportunity to see your company. We put colleges in front of you, and we put you in front of their students. The strategy is simple but incredibly effective. Join GetWork today!


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