GetWork is Disrupting the Recruitment Process with AI

GetWork is an AI-integrated campus placement platform that provides hiring managers and recruiters with a seamless and accelerated college hiring process. Currently, 80 companies are using GetWork to hire college students. Organizations like Raahgiri Day Foundation, Haryana Government and Municipal Corporation of Gurugram are also on GetWork’s client roster to improve their hiring scheme.

AI technology is taking all industries by storm. These days, companies are adopting an AI-enabled software or application to streamline their recruitment procedures. GetWork’s founder, Rahul Veerwal, says that his mission is to “empower the next billion graduates with industrial skills and get them jobs.” He envisions that by 2025, the entire campus placements procedure in all colleges, universities and institutions across India will be automated with the implementation of the GetWork platform.

GetWork brings on educational institutions, their students, and companies on to one platform to facilitate beneficial communication. Companies will be able to articulate to colleges, the type of skills and knowledge they require from students. This will help combat the skills gap problem that is leading to a high unemployment rates among the educated youths in India.

At the moment, students have an overwhelming amount of possibilities and are unable to accurately identify the roles for which they are optimally qualified for. They also have access to dozens of job portals that provide general and widespread job recommendations. Several of these portals, give recruiters a limited set of functions namely only to post jobs and view applications. Of these applications several are rejected in the initial screening process. Recruiters should be given the ability to involve themselves deeper in the sourcing process on these online portals.

So How Does It Work?

Currently, colleges send companies inadequate brochures which recruiters have to go through to identify which colleges match their job criteria best. By integrating GetWork, hiring teams can benefit from the AI-powered recommendations which are based on student’s skills, location, specialization and interests using natural language processing. Companies can post jobs by providing information such as the designation, job profile, education and skill requirements.

Through the use of backend algorithms, the platform analyses these parameters and organizes college suggestion results. The data is represented as a chart showing you which university has the highest number of applicants that meet your criteria closely. You will be able to compare suggested universities before deciding which universities to open jobs to. For optimum efficiency, you can adjust the parameters and edit the job details until you find the most favourable results.

Additionally, you can view colleges that are a popular choice with other companies from your industry that are also using GetWork. Further narrow your college list by selecting specific NITs or IITs. Once you have selected your colleges to open jobs with, they will accept your invitation before students begin applying to your company. Once they have accepted, you will have a calendar option to view which dates the college is available to host a drive.

Through GetWork you can:

  1. Open on-campus, off-campus and pool campus jobs
  2. Open full-time, part-time and internship positions
  3. Select multiple rounds in your hiring process (assessments, interviews etc.)
  4. Conduct assessments through the platform
  5. Shortlist Candidates
  6. Send Out Final Offers

Students get job suggestions based on the publications they view within the app, their previous applications, their profiles and interests. We match their information with the descriptors you provide when you open jobs. AI is essential in discerning compatible candidates for your vacancies during the screening process.

There are four stages to the recruitment process:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Screening
  3. Interview
  4. Final Selection

Up to 80% of your efforts and time is spent at the Sourcing and Screening stages rather than the actual Interview and Final Selection process. Using GetWork AI-enabled platform, we reduce the amount of time spent on sourcing and screening, and instead give you more time to carefully interview applicants and make calculated hires.

GetWork believes in providing employers with the right candidates for the right vacancies. Don’t compromise on the future of your company, Join GetWork Today!

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