GetWork helps On-Campus Recruiters Focus on 4 Key Hiring Metrics

Conducting on-campus drives are a great way for companies to source college talents to boost productivity at their organizations. A lot of resources, namely time and money, are being spent into this process.

So as a recruiter, ask yourself: Am I making the most out of this process?

Analyzing the efficacy of your recruitment strategies is the first thing you have to do. Are your employees engaged and satisfied in their work environment or do you suffer from low retention rates? The following are four metrics that you must focus on to drive your recruitment strategies.


There are several factors that increase your cost-per-hire such as hiring teams and training new recruits. For college hiring, cost-per-hires are further increased due to planning on campus visits and conducting assessments. Companies visit at least 5 colleges on average to hire 50 students. The average cost-per-hire amounts to approximately INR 5000-10000 depending on specific job profiles.

With GetWork college recruiters can reduce their costs as external or internal hiring teams are no longer needed to source out colleges and candidates. From our platform, recruiters can connect with dozens of colleges at once. You can compare colleges based on ranks, specialization and location to evaluate which college or university is most suitable to hire from for your vacancies. We help you focus your on-campus drive strategies, eliminating extraneous costs while gaining top quality hires.


College recruiters can save time from our processes. Time is saved primarily at two points of the hiring process: sourcing and screening. Sourcing colleges for drives is simplified as we provide you with college suggestions by using machine learning algorithms. Our algorithms analyse your previous hiring strategies and your current job listing to give you the best college recommendation list to open your jobs. Why open jobs to 5 colleges when you can open jobs to 3 and receive guaranteed desirable applications? We also give you the ability to compare your strategies with those of competitors in your industry.

Upon receiving applications, our platform screens applications automatically, and gives you the ability to filter out applications based on parameters you choose. Shortlisting candidates using our expert filtering system will reduce your candidate selection process up to 80%. At the moment majority of time spent by recruiters is focused on sourcing and screening candidates rather than selecting them. GetWork believes that connecting with candidates at the interview stage will give recruiters the ability to evaluate how the college student’s goals and achievements align with the values and vision of the company.

On-Campus Conversion Rate

This is probably the most important hiring metric that recruiters should focus on. Currently in India, employers are consistently looking to recruit from the most accessible top tier colleges and universities. However, if your hiring teams are conducting various drives at top tier colleges but are still resulting in poor quality candidates then there is a low conversion rate of these on-campus candidates.

GetWork provides periodical analytical reports to help you analyse your recruiting strategies. We help you identify which of your college connections are producing top quality candidates. Even if a top tier college prides themselves for their talent, it is still possible that their candidates are not ideal for your vacancies. GetWork’s data driven approach helps you expand your college network reach to explore top talents across the country regardless of location.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

The primary way to see if you are bringing on quality candidates is by evaluating employee engagement and satisfaction after they have been on-boarded to your company. Employers tend to notice a higher turnover rate especially with the Millennial generation. This could largely be due to the lack of engagement and brand awareness prior to hiring.

GetWork provides employers with branding solutions to help increase their engagement with students before they conduct campus visits. Every employer has a designated company profile on GetWork that highlights the company’s open jobs, goals, visions, work environment and benefits. Our student users are shown this page when they are looking for jobs at your company. When they visit your page they receive all the information they need to know about your company to help them decide if they want to work with you. Employers on GetWork will also be able to interact with students based on location, college and specialization. Interact with students by promoting webinars, courses, blogs and other events on our platform to increase engagement.

These four hiring metrics are incredibly important performance indicators for any recruiter and their hiring teams. GetWork uses these same metrics to analyse your progress and provides you with custom recommendations on how to improve your hiring strategies at every stage of the process.

GetWork’s standardized campus recruitment procedures help employers increase their quality of candidates while providing students with ideal and quality placement options. We are currently partnered with over 50 Colleges across India and are already helping several recruiters and government organizations improve their college hiring procedures.

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