Digital Marketing Tips

Here are a list of Digital Marketing Tips to help you Get Started!

#1 80-20 Rule

Before you build marketing content of any type for any platform, consider the 80-20 rule. What this rule means is that 80% of your content should express value while 20% should focus on promotions. If your company implements a too “sales” heavy strategy, it is likely that it won’t be well received.

#2 Define a Clear Target Audience

When starting out as a digital marketer, it is incredibly important that you begin by researching who you are targeting your products and services too. Create personas to help you envision the ideal consumer or audience.

#3 Track the Right KPIs

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators must be set so that you are always able to track the performance of your strategies. Creating digital marketing plans take a lot of creative energy and effort. If you are unable to measure them then you won’t know which type of strategies work well for you.

#4 Pick the Right Platform

There is an abundance of platforms available to us today thanks to the vast power of the Internet. Once you’ve understood your aims and objectives and identified a target audience, the next step is choosing the right platforms and channels to actually grab their attention. Research to see what similar companies have implemented and especially look at the ones are successful at digital marketing.

#5 Always Be Educating

Attract new users, customers and audiences by giving them VALUE content. Educate them about your company, product or service. By doing this they will establish how you are able to bring value to them and this will help increase your retention numbers greatly.

#6 Creative and Personalized Content

Content is King! Look at your content objectively – if you were viewing it for the first time, would you bother to read through or give attention to that post? Get creative with how you’re displaying your marketing message. Use videos, gifs, attention-grabbing graphics; and when writing blogs and articles, make sure they are easy to read and engaging.

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