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Average Increase in Number of Job Postings


Increased Placement Rates


Reduction of Manual Work


Increased in Student Satisfaction

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Grow Your Campus Placement by 5x

Placed students bring more admissions to new courses. Streamline your work & create a seamless student experience.

See up to 5x increase in the number of reputable job opportunities.

Single handedly manage your on campus placement

Get invited to virtual and walk-in events and job fairs.

Take the guesswork out of marketing with smart analytics.

Learn gaps in courses and help students prepare better for jobs.

Increase by up to 78% by placing them at the end of each course.



Colleges that switch to GetWork connect with new employers that may have otherwise been unreachable or unknowable. Employers of all shapes and sizes are waiting to hire your students

Employers find students on GetWork by certifications, organizations, unique courses of study and more. Your college is automatically suggested to employers that most fit your students’ needs.

GetWork serves as a SAAS tool for colleges to track placements for every student from submission to offer signing. Know what stage your students are at throughout a campus drive.

Fully grasp the value of your collected data. We analyze your student's interests, skills, placement success and give you a report on how to improve your strategies and learning modules.

College partners get the premium benefits of getting discovered by industry leading companies and fast-growing startups. Spend less time seeking out campus recruiters for on-campus drives.

Enjoy a seamless and smooth interaction with companies that are hiring. Use our inbuilt digital communications channels to quickly notify students and companies on any updates.

Not Just get your students hired. Now get even more students to register for your courses with GetWork smart marketing to over 1 lac+ college students.

At a time when students have to search for placement on job sites. Our colleges became future-ready with their own job portal app.



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