1. The mandate for hiring needs to be finalized before starting the project and making the payment. The mandate should include clear details with specifications such as:
    • No. of Hires
    • Profiles
    • Looking for skills
    • Remuneration
    • Location of Job/Internship
    • Experience Required
    • Job Description (JD)
    • Interview Rounds
    • Bond, if any
  2. Mandate has to be finalized before starting the project, this will be done over calls with the concerned client’s team and GetWork’s fulfilment team.
  3. No changes in the mandate can be made after the project has started.
  4. The total payment has to be made before starting the project.
  5. GetWork works on a minimum of 60 Days TAT/mandate-fulfilment-timeline wherein we make sure that all the hiring gets done during this time period, however it can change as per the availability of the team and depends highly on the requirements in the mandate. However, the TAT or mandate-fulfilment-timeline will be decided & agreed before starting the project and will be mentioned in the mandate itself.
  6. No cancellation of the services can be done before the TAT/mandate-fulfilment-timeline decided during the mandate finalization. In case of any scenario, the project is closed before the TAT from client’s end, no refund/adjustment will be done in regards to the paid amount.
  7. In case GetWork closes a project before TAT/fulfilment timeline, the whole amount will be refunded back to the client.
  8. In case the client’s team/members do not revert/response back for a continuous period of 2 weeks without any prior intimation to GetWork’s team, then the project will be considered as closed/completed from the client’s end before the fulfilment-timeline. Clause 7 will be applicable in such a scenario wherein no refund/adjustment will be done in regards to the paid amount.
  9. GetWork will give 1 replacement per candidate in case the employee leaves before completing 7 days (in case of internship) & 30 days (in case of full-time job) in the company from the date of joining. However, the paid amount will not be refunded in such a scenario, only the replacements will be provided for the exact same role as finalized before starting the project.
  10. The client will have to inform the Key Account Manager at GetWork about such candidates (who have dropped out before completing 30 days in the company) within the timeline of 30 days from the date of joining of such a candidate.
  11. The timeline to give the replacement will be same as defined for a fresh hiring in the mandate. For ex. A candidate leaves on 25th day of his employment and GetWork is informed within the stipulated time, the TAT for this replacement hiring will be the same as agreed during the mandate finalization.
  12. For any new/next hiring, the mandate needs to be re-discussed and finalized before starting as it would be done for a fresh/new project.
  13. Dropouts are considered only in the scenario of the candidate dropping out due to his/her personal reasons. No performance-based firing will be considered as the dropout.
  14. If there is no hiring done and the mandate timeline is completed, the timeline for mandate completion can be extended over a mutual discussion between the client and GetWork’s team.
  15. If there is no hiring done, the mandate timeline is completed and there is no extension provided, then total amount will be refunded back to the client within 7 days of the closure of the mandate.
  16. If there is partial completion of the mandate and the mandate timeline is completed, then remaining amount (for profiles where no hiring took place), will be refunded back to the client within 7 days of the closure of the mandate.
  1. Access to GetWork account will be for 30 days from the purchase of the monthly plan.
  2. Access to the GetWork account will be for 365 days from the purchase of the annual plan.
  3. Unlocks once exhausted can be bought at a base price of 8000 per 100 unlocks per month.
  4. The job will be open for 30 days from the date of the job posting, after which it will be automatically closed for new applications. However, the job can be re-posted to receive more applications for the same job.
  5. However, the HR/User can access and unlock applications as long as the subscription is active.
  6. Profile unlock is calculated per candidate profile irrespective of how many Jobs/Internships he/she has applied to.
  7. Candidate profile once unlocked will not be required to be unlocked for new job/internship applications and the data for the candidate will be visible throughout the subscription plan.
  8. In case a subscription ends and there is no renewal, the profile will be locked again and the user will have to unlock them as per the new subscription plan.
    • For Ex: A user bought a one-month subscription and unlocked 100 candidates in the month of Aug 2021 and did not renew the monthly subscription for Sep 2021 and purchased the membership again in Dec 2021, then the previous 100 unlocked profiles will no longer be visible and will be moved to locked mode.
  9. There is no refund/replacement/cancellation once the premium is purchased.
  10. Once a profile is unlocked and credit is deducted then under no circumstances any credit/reimbursement/refund will be given for the unlocked profiles.
  11. If profile unlocks are exhausted before the subscription ends, you will have to either purchase more unlocks @ 8000/100 unlocks or renew the membership.
  12. If renewed, membership will be calculated to 30 calendar days from the day of renewal/purchase for a monthly plan and 365 days from the day of renewal/purchase of a yearly plan.
  13. Test pins can be bought/added at a price of INR 399/test pin and can be purchased from the platform itself in batches of 10.
  14. This membership cannot be transferred/sub-let/sub-used by a third party.
  15. Platform access is given up to a max of 7 days from the expiry of a subscription. During this time, you cannot post new jobs and cannot unlock new candidate profiles. You can access the already unlocked profiles.
  16. Once the buffer period of 7 days is over and the account is still not renewed, then the user will lose access to their premium account and cannot post jobs, or unlock profiles. However, you can log in into the account and checkout dashboard reports and the pricing & subscription section.
  17. GetWork does not tolerate phishing of data, ask students for money, indulge in non-legal activities, if a company/user is found to do so on the platform, the membership will be discontinued without any prior notice and no amount whatsoever will be refunded in this case.
  18. No pre-closing of the membership can be done.
  19. Carryover of the remaining profile unlocks will only be given in case of successive/continued renewals.
  20. No refunds/reimbursements or any payment will be given against the unused unlock credits or unused days of the subscription
  21. After unlocking a profile, you will get the following additional information about the candidate:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Resume
    • Social Media Links
  1. If after your College has made a full payment for the annual subscription plan, and you choose to cancel your subscription, you will only be entitled for a refund on the remaining total months available in your plan. (I.e. if you leave the plan halfway through the month, you will receive no refund for that month)
  2. In the case that GetWork Services has not fulfilled our deliverables as per the Contract Agreement signed between GetWork & College Partner, the Partner will be entitled for a Refund.
  3. In the case that the College Partner fails to uphold the agreements dictated in the Contract Agreement and Terms & Conditions policies, the Partner will not be entitled to any refunds.
  4. In the case that students enrolled in the College Partner institute is not receiving job opportunities as agreed upon at the time of onboarding, GetWork will:
    • Provide a partial refund to College Partner
    • Provide a discounted subscription offer to College Partners
  5. The College Partner can choose to submit an official cancellation request, which will be reviewed by the GetWork Team, and must include:
    • GetWork Onboarding Date
    • Institution Name
    • Contact Name
    • Reason for Refund
  1. If a College Partner or Employer Partner holds an event via the GetWork Services, the Partner will not receive a refund for cancellation of said event, as per the following conditions:
    • Cancellation request was submitted less than 3 days before event date
    • The Partner was unprepared to host and/or execute Event as per agreed upon standards and deliverables
    • GetWork has open the registrations for the event on the platform
  2. In the case that a College Partner or Employer Partner charges registration fee from Student user on GetWork, after time of cancellation, Students will be entitled to a full Refund from the respective Partner.
  3. All event cancellation requests must be received via writing (e-mails, official documents) and include:
    • Event Title
    • Contact Name
    • Invoice #
    • Reason for Cancellation
  4. In the case that GetWork finds that the general, public or weather conditions are deemed unsafe for an event, GetWork will cancel the event and Partners will be compensated on case-by-case basis.
  5. n the case that at event proceeds as planned and a Student that has registered is unable to attend the event, regardless of cause, that student will not be entitled to a refund.
  1. Any third party vendors or Partners of GetWork will enter a contract prior to collaboration that will dictate the cancellation and refund policies as per terms of that agreement.
In general it is important to note that GetWork has a zero tolerance policy for any misconduct from any of their users and vendors. Should any College Partners, Employer Partners, Students or Third Party Vendors be involved in any acts that directly go against our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies, GetWork has the full right to discontinue partnership, dissolve contracts and revoke refund/cancellation requests.