Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Recruitment

AI in Recruitment

Around 76% of recruiters have identified that that artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly impact their hiring procedures. AI is being used to automate several recruiter tasks to increase efficiency of workflow.

Applications of AI for recruiting can be seen in resume screening, assessment tests, recruitment chatbot, and video interviewing tools. Unfortunately, although several human resource departments recognize the importance of implementing AI, very few are doing it correctly. Those that have already implemented it are producing suboptimal results.

The fact is, is that artificial intelligence is a vast technology. Machine learning algorithms help ease the workload but to fully harness its power, individuals must be trained in how to use the software thoroughly.

Regardless, AI driven solutions are increasing amongst hiring processes across the world. GetWork is using this pioneering technology to reform college hiring in India. Its analytical capabilities provide an accelerated and fairly unbiased system to increase diversity and quality hiring in companies.

“AI and machine learning will continue to grow and proliferate.”

– Dylan Redmond, Social Talent

AI Benefits

1) Automate high-volume tasks to reduce manual labour and save time

Over 50% of recruiters agree that the biggest time consuming task in the hiring process is candidate screening. A large number of resumes that are collected often do not match the job requirements. Several fresh graduates that apply for jobs do not conduct any preliminary research on companies which is why often recruiters receive a high volume of inapplicable candidates.

GetWork uses AI to automate the screening process, allowing recruiters to save up to 80% of time that is normally used in candidate screening processes. Recruiters can now obtain pre-qualified candidates with minimum time spent in doing so.   

2) Increase in quality hires through candidate sourcing and matching

To track success, recruiters follow a few key performance indicators and at the very top of that list is quality of candidates per job listing. Recruiters can use AI to collate candidates’ education, skills and experience and match them to the job requirements.

AI helps recruiters in their sourcing and matching process to ensure that only qualified candidates pass the screening stage. This increases the recruiters’ chances of hiring individuals that match the job competencies.

By using GetWork’s AI enabled platform, employers can also enjoy a longer retention rate with their fresh graduate employees. We do this by increasing engagement prior and post campus drives.

AI Challenges

1) Scepticism of newer tech

With any form of technology, there are the benefits as well as its challenges. One challenge that is disrupting the advancement of AI is the apprehension of its implementation by HR. Several find that the technology is “too superior” and would reduce or eliminate their role completely or are just dismissive that the trend is here to stay.

2) Abundant Data

Part of the issue why HR’s are dismissive of the technology is because soon after implementing it they expect results immediately. Unfortunately for AI to reach its potential it needs to read and understand a vast amount of data. The longer you use AI enabled software the more intelligent it becomes. AI tries to mimic the way a human recruiter would conduct a task.

3) Biases

Unfortunately as AI mimics the human intelligence, it can also pick up on our biases. Recruiter biases in regards to age, gender or favouring specific colleges can be picked up by the AI software. Thankfully GetWork has identified this issue and is aware of making sure that these biases are counteracted accordingly.

“But, the hiring decisions will still be made by humans.”

– Oleg Vishnepolsky, Daily Mail Online

The Role of the Recruiter

As a recruiter, you should not be overly concerned about what happens to your role after AI takes over recruitment practices. Your role is still important and will not become obsolete. A lot of your time spent filling forms, contacting educational institutions and screening candidates will be automated.

You can use this freed up time to focus on face-to-face candidate interviews and strengthening communication with potential recruits. There is no longer a need to hasten interview process and you can get to know the student better to see how their ambitions and career goals line up with the job role. By doing this you can increase the chances of job offer acceptances.

Lastly, the data that comes with AI gives you the ability to analyse your hiring practices and provide data to show how KPIs are achieved successfully. In fact GetWork provides employers with custom analytical reports to give you all the facts and figures and trends that are seen in your hiring process. With these reports you can identify areas of improvement and see how you can increase diversity hiring and compare quality of hires against various parameters such as college location and specialization.

“People analytics tools will become a “must-have” for HR teams and recruiters.”

– Josh Bersin, Deloitte


By joining GetWork, as an employer, we give you the ability to increase your hiring efficiency up to 5 times. We automate the sourcing and screening process completely; provide you with assistance in scheduling campus drives and interviews; and help you select the right college students for your job vacancies.

We provide you with college suggestions lists that match your job criteria and would be a right fit for your on-campus drives. We connect you with colleges from all across the nation to give you the chance to recruit from a diverse pool of talented individuals. Our expert filtering tools, allows you to narrow candidate applications based on parameters you set. Additionally based on your hiring practices, we can offer you branding solutions to increase your student engagement.

Above all, our AI enabled platform is incredibly easy to use as we have dedicated a large amount of time to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience. We understand that new technology and new tools are difficult to assimilate to, but GetWork is easily integrated to your existing applicant tracking systems and is incredibly easy to use.

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