3 Reasons your Institute should utilize GetWork

It’s almost 2020. Students and recruiters alike are growing incredibly restless with the current employment crisis across India. Quality jobs are scarce for the increasingly growing graduate population and recruiters are under heightened pressure to deliver competent early career talents to their organizations to ensure KPIs are met.

Complaints are then directed to institutes, colleges and universities. These higher education establishments are scrutinized for being unable to provide students with the right sets of practical and communication tools to source jobs. Part of this problem is that existing training and placement offices in colleges, universities and big institutes are unable to efficiently organize and track their placement procedures.

GetWork is providing a web-based solution to these specific establishments. Our platform allows colleges to facilitate stable communication between their students and companies looking to hire. The career services GetWork implements is unlike its competitors. It uses a data-driven approach to learn how your college or institution will manage drives and placements to provide you with accessible tools and a personalised experience. The platform is available through the web and is equipped to handle and maintain all your student information and communication with companies. You can use your account to connect with companies that are already on GetWork to grant your students exclusive access to their job and internship vacancies.

So yes, that’s all great for higher education establishments who already have an existing placement service. What about institutions that currently provides skill based certifications and courses?

GetWork is also for you!

No existing placement team? No problem! GetWork’s platform completes the tasks of a full placement team. By adopting our platform, you can now have a fully functioning placement procedure for your students.

Here are three key reasons why your Institution should come aboard the GetWork juggernaut!

A Career Service that acts as a Recruitment Agency

GetWork is an incredibly user friendly platform that allows you to connect with dozens of companies regardless of location. You can also invite companies that are not already on GetWork. Our standardized placement procedure automates hiring process from sourcing to screening to shortlisting to the acceptance of placement offers. You have full control and supervision over your students’ applications.

For full utility, you can track your students’ progress along with the types of jobs they are interested in, the industries they look into, and the type of content they view on our platform. Use this information to identify their interests and skills to refine your own marketing and engagement approach. This information also helps you identify what kinds of companies you should be connecting with to give your students ideal placement opportunities.

Quality Jobs and Career Advice for your Students

This is a core reason why you should join GetWork today, because it helps all your students find jobs that they would love. There is a growing burnout rate among millennials who report that they are unhappy or are under extreme duress at their place of work. Your students can sign up to GetWork and get access to hundreds of jobs and apply to the ones that match their ideal career offices.

All companies on GetWork have a designated profile page that highlights their mission, goals and achievements to date. This page also gives insightful information on what benefits/mentorship their employees get as well as video interviews with their founders and employees who speak about what it is like to work there. This compact information is valuable to all students looking for jobs and internships.

On most job portals, students only receive information regarding job profiles but very little information about the company. Students have to apply to dozens of jobs in a week and it is burdensome for students to research every company before they apply. Now students can get all their necessary information – vacancies, milestones, benefits and work culture – all in one place!

But that’s not all…

Students also get access to our various GetWork resources. We have a growing database of content including webinars, podcasts, blogs, articles and informational videos that help students in all aspects of their education and career development. For example, a graphic design student will be able to read a blog on basic design principles and then go on to listen to an industry leader give insights into what it takes to become a Graphic Designer on a podcast.

Build your Reputation as a Powerhouse Institute

Lastly, by providing your students with such a capable and refined recruitment platform, you will be increasing your own reputation. As an institution you will be given the golden opportunity to compete with top tier colleges of the country.

Students are increasingly becoming focused on skill based learning and often look for short certification courses to boost their skill sets. Globally, students select their colleges and institutes based on the graduate employability rates. These are statistics that express the percentage of students that find jobs within 6 months of receiving their certificate/diploma/degree. Students are more likely to join a university or institute if it means they are more likely to find jobs upon culmination of their studies.

If your institute can show these numbers, it would only drive up your own registration numbers. Additionally, you can directly use our platform to publish content related to your institution that will be shown to all other students on our platform. (Who may be looking to boost their skills!)

There is no other all inclusive placement platform available in India to help your students find jobs as efficiently as GetWork. If you’re convinced, go to the link below and click “Get Free Demo” to receive a demonstration of our platform.


If you need more information, leave your information in the form at the following link.


Institutes like Skill Circle, DICE Academy, Techstack, Digital Vidya, and APTRON are already convinced and are using our platforms.

Stay ahead of your competitors and Join GetWork Today!

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